Matric Results for 2013

We are very proud of our students and teachers who have done our school proud. Watching the news media these results are nowadays all about how many A’s were scored and a 100% matric pass rate. Alma Mater is an international school teaching an international syllabus. The latter making it very difficult to compare our results with that of government schools (NSC Syllabus) and “ordinary” private schools (IEB Syllabus).

Last year the World Economic Forum listed South Africa 62nd out of 62 countries for its capability to teach maths and science. Moneyweb comments as follows:

“While South Africans do not need an index to tell them what they already know, the hard facts on an index are sobering. SA scored at the very bottom of the ladder – 62nd – for the quality of its maths and science education, the very foundation upon which the whole system depends. Tertiary enrolments are low (54th) and as a result its human capital pool is weak (52nd)”.


Bearing the above in mind and that our students wrote maths on an international level we are very pleased with the results. Eleven students wrote the paper, there are three A’s, four B’s, and four C’s. Congratulations to these students and the Maths teacher, Mr Dawie Marais.

Afrikaans is another subject definitely worth mentioning. Seven students took the exam and achieved straight A’s! Congratulations to our students and Mrs Annatjie Bothma on this phenomenal achievement.

The student that achieved the most A’s is Michelle La Grange, five A’s and one C. I want to wish Michelle all the best with her studies at the North-West University.

The performance of our students in the remaining subjects were more than satisfactory. And this leads us to the last point, that of our Matric Pass Rate. Fourteen students took the AS Level examinations. Eleven passed with exemption. The remaining three are awaiting SAQA feedback. Based on past experience and SAQA requirements we are confident that they will achieve their matric, but without exemption. This will give Alma Mater a 100% pass rate for 2013.

Nine students are currently at university to start their first year, two will be going to FET colleges, and two will be taking a “gap year”. And finally there is April McKenna-Hoyle who will be returning to Alma Mater to do her A Levels. (An A level can be compared to a Post Matric or even first year university). This is a first for the school and a wonderful challenge that awaits April and her teachers.

Kind regards,
James Moir
High School Principal

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